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Giving Tuesday 2023: 5 Ways To Give Back In San Rafael

November 2, 2023

By Patch Community Leaders, Patch Staff

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This holiday season, consider donating and volunteering locally to make a positive impact in our community.

Giving Tuesday is a global initiative that brings people together to harness the potential of collective generosity. Fortunately for folks in the San Rafael area, there’s no shortage of organizations nearby that could greatly benefit from your support.

Here are five outstanding organizations in the San Rafael area. Please consider volunteering or donating to them for Giving Tuesday and beyond.

  1. Canal Alliance — Canal Alliance, located in San Rafael, supports immigrants facing resource limitations and unfamiliar environments to help them achieve their dreams. Canal Alliance’s team provides immigration legal services, education, career programs and social services to assist Latino immigrants and their families in overcoming barriers to success, with the goal of fostering an inclusive and thriving community in Marin County. Learn more at canalalliance.org.Adopt A
  2. Family of Marin — Adopt A Family of Marin supports struggling families in Marin County through financial and other contributions, aiming to ensure no homeless children in the area. The nonprofit’s larger goal is to develop and implement best practices to prevent homelessness in the county and provide a circle of protection for families in need. Learn more at adoptafamily.org.
  3. 10,000 Degrees — This San Rafael-based organization strives for educational equity by providing support to students from low-income backgrounds to help them access and successfully complete college. Donations of stocks, matching gifts and money are accepted to help 10,000 Degrees make higher education a possibility for students across California. Learn more at 10000degrees.org.
  4. Community Action Marin — Community Action Marin’s mission is to break down barriers members of the Marin County community may face in supporting themselves and others. The organization works to prevent homelessness, ensure access to healthy meals, offer cash assistance, educate preschoolers of essential workers and provide emotional support to program participants. Learn more at camarin.org.
  5. Postpartum Support Center — The Postpartum Support Center supports maternal mental health in Marin County through evidence-based programs and services that support the well-being of women, their partners, children and support teams. These services include maternal mental health peer support, the ROSE program to prevent postpartum depression and the Marin Diaper Bank, as well as information, resources, referrals, self-screening mental health assessments and advocacy assistance. The center also collaborates with local healthcare providers and community organizations to provide necessary services to perinatal families in need. Learn more at postpartumsc.org.

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