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Members of the Canal community advocating for tenant rights at San Rafael City Hall

We work with low-income Latino residents and community activists on political issues and non-political actions that address public concerns, improve democracy, and promote quality of life in the Canal neighborhood.

Whether we are advocating for equitable public lighting or creating a public health outreach campaign to stem Covid-19 infections, our efforts are guided by the priorities and needs of the community.

Our Actions

Climate resilience and neighborhood planning

To advance solutions to the climate/environmental crisis and its impact on both the Canal neighborhood and Marin City,  Canal Alliance will serve as the Managing Stakeholder partnering with several community-based organizations in a new cross-sector collaborative that recently received a three-year contract from the State of California through the Regional Climate Collaboratives (RCC) Program. As a member of the Marin Climate Justice Collaborative (MCJC), we will lead participatory planning efforts, utilizing a variety of methods to cultivate community vision and voice to create a neighborhood-specific plans. These plans will help identify existing assets and prioritized investments to address climate and displacement risks to residents, while increasing opportunities for sustainable and equitable community development. 

Stand with the community

We create civic spaces and leadership development opportunities to ensure that low-income residents have a voice in decisions that affect them and the opportunity to fully participate in democracy at all levels. We stand with Voces del Canal, a coalition of neighborhood leaders who are working to implement their vision for a stronger and safer Canal.

Empower Latino voters

Increasing voter awareness and participation has been a consistent priority over multiple local election cycles; staff register new voters, sponsor candidate forums, share voter information in Spanish and English, and improve accessibility to ballot drop boxes. We played a leading role in the 2020 Census to ensure a more complete and accurate count, particularly among historically undercounted immigrant and low-income communities of color. Based upon Census results, we successfully advocated for a fair and equitable redistricting that consolidated Latino voting power in San Rafael.

Lead Covid-19 resource and recovery efforts

Research confirms that public health pandemics like Covid-19 not only impact the physical health and well-being of communities but also often has far-reaching effects on their social, psychological, environmental, and economic welfare. We work with community leaders, UCSF, and Marin County Health and Human Services to reduce Covid-19 infection rates and mitigate the impacts of the pandemic on the health and financial stability of Latinos and their families.

Improve neighborhood infrastructure and safety

Poor public lighting and inadequate neighborhood infrastructure negatively impacts quality of life for residents of the Canal neighborhood. We are proud to partner with Voces del Canal and Dominican University of California to identify neighborhood safety and infrastructure needs and successfully advocated for equitable allocation of resources.

Bridge the digital divide

Canal residents are disproportionately affected by lack of access to the internet and technology. To bridge the digital divide and empower the 2,000+ students who reside in the Canal to access virtual learning, we partner with local government agencies and school districts to offer a mesh WiFi network and promote awareness of commercial low-cost internet access.

Enhance access to arts, sports and green spaces

We support neighborhood youth soccer leagues, advocate for equitable access to parks and green space, and partner with local artists to create original public art and murals that depict the experiences and heritage of Latino immigrants.

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