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Three people standing together outside, arms around each other,, facing the camera.

Marin County is one of the least equitable places in the nation and the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael is the most segregated in the Bay Area. These disparities in wealth and education are increasing, and we can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch the wealth gap widen.

Through Policy and Civic Engagement, we strive to erase the extreme inequities that exist in our community by changing the systems and structures that oppress and marginalize the low-income Latino immigrant community.

At the local level our efforts raise awareness, build coalitions, mobilize voters, and promote the adoption of equity-based public policy solutions. We engage and support local community members and leaders to lift their voices and fight for tenant rights, affordable housing, employment justice, transportation equity, and climate resilience.

We also work at the regional, state and federal levels through partnerships with organizations including UnidosUS, UCSF, California Immigrant Policy Center and Education Trust-West to advance immigration reform, education policy, health equity, and more.

The challenges are great, but our momentum is strong and our coalition is growing. Join us to create a more equitable and sustainable Marin County.

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