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Requirements for U.S. Citizenship

September 15, 2019

The United States is known worldwide as the land of opportunity. People come from all over the world with dreams of achieving a better life for themselves and their families, laying down new roots and calling this great nation home. Their love for the opportunities and promise of America and their aspirations for its future strengthen the fabric of our nation. 

Our commitment to integrating the entrepreneurship, diversity, and passion of new Americans is a measure of our greatness as a country. When new Americans gain the rights, freedoms, and responsibilities of citizenship, they contribute more fully to the vitality of our communities and our democracy as a whole.

Attaining citizenship is a journey. You have to earn it. But for too many citizenship hopefuls, that journey is much harder than it should be. Many people who live, work, create jobs, and pay taxes in this country are eligible for citizenship, yet lack of knowledge about how the process works, compounded by costly legal fees, can put the dream out of reach. That’s where the New Americans Campaign comes in to help. We explain the process, assist with completing the application, and help those who qualify apply for fee waivers.

Who is eligible to become a Citizen

To become a U.S. citizen you must meet the following requirements:

For more information about the path to citizenship, visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

Application Information

You must complete an application that includes the following information:

The application fee is $725 (including the $85 biometric services fee). Some people are eligible to have this fee waived or to pay a reduced fee.

This post originally appeared on: https://www.newamericanscampaign.org/requirements/

Canal Alliance is proud to be a partner of the Marin New Americans Campaign.

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