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County Considers Consolidating Latino Voters 

November 16, 2021

County leaders are weighing electoral maps that could unify Latino voters who have been historically marginalized. As the redistricting deadline approaches, CEO Omar Carrera urged the Board of Supervisors not to rely on “outdated assumptions that leave our community isolated and divided.” Canal Alliance continues to advocate for the most equitable option, conforming with the boundaries created by the City of San Rafael, and encourage public participation up to the last public hearing on December 7th.   

CEO Omar Carrera: Statement to the Board of Supervisors 
My name is Omar Carrera, and I am CEO of Canal Alliance.  When the City of San Rafael switched to a district-based election system we looked at our community to ensure their interests were represented.   

There is a community of interest that extends beyond the Canal neighborhood.  Compared to the rest of San Rafael, and most of Marin County, this community has a higher percentage of Spanish speakers, has a lower household income, and are predominantly renters in multi-family housing. 

Currently, this community sits at the intersection of 3 different Supervisors’ districts, making it harder to organize and represent at the County level. Putting this community of interest into District 4 would give them a common representative, and let them speak together with a larger voice. 

It would also align County Districts with City and School boundaries, making it easier for the community to have consistent representation, and making government collaboration more efficient and effective.  

We thank you for the Draft ‘NDC Canal Map’ and recognize it is a big step in the right direction, by aligning County boundaries with City of San Rafael Districts. We ask you to go further and include the neighborhood around San Rafael High to match the School Trustees area as well.  

As you consider how to draw your maps for the next ten years, we urge you to take this community into consideration, and not rely on outdated assumptions that leave our community isolated and divided. 

Residents of the impacted area: share your voice as a “community of interest” 

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