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If I have a pre-existing condition or disease, can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

If I have had allergic reactions to the flu in the past, I can get the COVID-19 vaccine despite my allergic reaction?

Can a person who is pregnant get the vaccine, and what are the risks for the baby?

Can a person who has already had COVID-19 be vaccinated? How long do you need to wait between the end of infection and the vaccine?

What ages are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

What happens inside my body after receiving the vaccine and what symptoms will I experience after the first and second doses of the vaccine?

Are they going to inject me with the COVID-19 virus with the vaccine?

Is it true that with the vaccine they are going to inject me with a chip or poison?

Do I need to wear a mask, keep social distancing, wash my hands and continue getting tested for COVID-19 every month after I receive two doses of the vaccine?

How many doses do I need to take and what happens if they only give me one dose?

Can I get sick with COVID-19 after I have received both doses?

How, when and where do you get the vaccine in Marin?

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