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Arts at Canal Alliance

Canal Alliance is proud to have the platform to partner, promote and share the art and stories of our community. Our goal is to share the experiences of Latino immigrants through public art.

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The lack of affordable housing and high rent costs in the Canal are barriers to achieving housing stability. Although Canal families are low-income, there is no affordable housing in the area; the majority of units are market-rate housing with multiple families residing in single-family units. There is very limited and almost non-existent open space available for affordable housing development. Canal Alliance is committed to playing a leading role in addressing these challenges.

Broadband Access

The effects of this digital divide in the Canal neighborhood are harmful to the community, affecting everything from student success to government engagement to security. Canal Alliance is proud to be a founding partner in the Canal Broadband Network Project, which aims to provide 10,000 residents with an affordable, quality broadband option.


Voces del Canal

Voces del Canal is a coalition of leaders from our community who have come together to organize community-driven advocacy efforts. Together with Canal Alliance, these leaders are affirming their roles as authentic, local experts and giving power to the collective experiences of Canal residents to realize their vision for a stronger and safer Canal.

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