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Friends, even though we are not sure what President Obama will announce tonight regarding immigration, we recommend the following:

1. To verify that you were in the United States today, you can do the following:

  • Use your bank debit card
  • Get a receipt from a store that has your name and today's date
  • Come to Canal Alliance and we will give you a receipt with your name. We'll be open between 2-5 pm and 6 -10 pm today.
  • A notary can write a letter that verifies that you are in the country today.
  • As a last resort, take a photo of yourself with today's newspaper at a public event or in front of a government building such as the post office or a school.

2. Do not be fooled - although the announcement is made today, there will be a process time of about 3-6 months. So do not believe any notary or lawyer who tells you otherwise.

3. Make sure you have the following documents click here

Watch the Presidential Announcement live by clicking here



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