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Health & Social Justice - Domestic Violence Support Groups

This predominately Latino community has unique needs when it comes to domestic violence. In this male-dominant culture, many men are often taught that violence is an acceptable way to maintain authority.

One 2000 study found that 59.5% of married immigrant women regularly experience physical and sexual abuse. It is also a family-centered culture, where women place tremendous priority on staying together, even if their spouses are abusive.

Patterns of domestic violence have often been formed against a backdrop of external violence: many Canal families come to the US because they are fleeing war-torn countries. The same 2000 study found that 48% of Latina women report increased partner violence since they immigrated to the US.

Domestic Violence Support Groups. Each week, we provide two separate support groups: one for domestic violence offenders, and another for victims of domestic abuse.

Men are mandated to participate in Respeto as part of their parole. We help abusers recognize the patterns that lead to violence, get in touch with the emotions that overwhelm them, and learn new methods of dealing with stress.

Women attend Dignidad voluntarily (and sometimes at great personal risk.) We help victims access emergency resources, cope with their experiences, support each other, and develop the skills and self-esteem they need to make positive changes.

Each group is facilitated by a culturally-sensitive, bilingual counselor who understands the unique needs of Latino families.

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